Sometimes it looks real bleak, and you’re feeling bittersweet And you think that all that you can do is just admit defeat You try to keep the line together, but the ends won’t meet Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do just to eat The winter’s are colder, the summers bringin in more heat Life is a struggle but when it fight you don’t retreat Fight back and if you fall remember you got feet And if you don’t, don’t be scared to bite it with your teeth You gotta put that hard work in no way around it Find yourself real good friends and stay surrounded Because its difficult to be alone and still stay grounded And being miserable will only help you stay confounded You’ll make it through, no ifs ands or buts about it Just tell yourself that, even if you gotta shout it Think of solutions don’t think about the problem got it? Life’s not automatic sometimes you need a push to start it SilencioBarnes. “Prevail.” Practice Words. #Rap #lyrics about #perseverance through #struggle Second #Verse

via The SilencioBarnes Facebook Page

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