These words can be the seeds that start a brand new crop Let them grow within your mind, and be immortal in your heart These words can sting, sometimes they find the mark That you hide within yourself but I can see it with my art These words are free, but somebody gotta pay When the words that others speak can only lead to our decay How could it be that what we seek has turned into a play And the actors don’t get paid and they forced to go on stage We need some better ways but they guide us like we beasts Not even jungle kings they just treat us like we sheep I need a better phrase cuz that sheep shit’s gettin’ old We’re more like auto-slaves, robots hard and dumb and cold I hardly can control the rage that fires up my brain When I see another corporate scheme succeed and we get played When I see my fucking government treat people like they’re told Knowing that the ones that told em are the ones that’s in control Multi-billion dollar entities that span our dying globe That poison our senses and destroy our country’s soul But I digress I’m pretty sure you’ve heard these things before But you probably could care less and think there’s nothing going on You taking what they give you and accept their words as pure Don’t you think that makes you less than the whores that you abhor? I need to take a rest from these thoughts I conjure up I’d rather smoke and sex but somebody must report We in a global crisis that’s defined by the prices How much does it cost to keep a population lifeless How much for divorce from this all consuming tightness How much must we lose before think it’s time to fight this? These words are free, so get em while they hot Cuz if you wait too long you’re gonna miss em when they’re not These words are me, just in case yo ass forgot They were lifted from my spirit and they mated with the block SilencioBarnes. “These Words are Free.” #Political #Lyrics about #Freedom and the need for #SocialChange

via The SilencioBarnes Facebook Page

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